Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Purple Broccoli Anyone?

Last year when we had only been in our house a few weeks, the director of my son's preschool asked me to help organize the school's annual fundraiser. I was responsible for putting together a carnival. Seeing as I had no idea what I was doing, it was an insane amount of work. It didn't help that at the time we had 8-month old twins and piles of boxes still to unpack. But I must have earned some good karma by volunteering, because we ended up winning three raffle prizes-- one being a garden design by a designer specializing in kitchen gardens for kids.

image by aplysia_06
The area we're tackling is a small dust patch tucked away around a corner, which has been pretty much ignored since we moved in. Right now it houses our garbage cans.

I met with the designer for the second time today and am excited about some of her suggestions. I have little experience with growing edibles-- especially ones geared toward the younger set, so it should be fun. Who knew there are beans that start out purple but "magically" turn green when cooked? Hopefully this will get my son to eat his veggies!

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